7 thoughts on “My Spanish Guitar Song

  1. This is amazing! Didn’t you start guitar recently?? You’re already so good! 🙂 It’s such a hard instrument my dad used to be in a band and he tried to show me some of a song he wrote on guitar but it’s impossible to like stretch your hand across the frets hahah xD

  2. Micah, this is such a beautiful song. I love to hear it floating through the house as you play it–it’s calming and yet intriguing and haunting and a little melancholy all at the same time. I think it takes great skill to incorporate all those levels and elements into one song! Well done!

  3. Micah,that is just beautiful. You are extremely good at this. Hope to hear lots and lots more good stuff from you! Love you

  4. Hey, Micah! I love your blog! Do you think you could post more music stuff? I really enjoy this category! 😀

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