Big news! We are moving!

Big news! We are moving!

Big news in the Cummins realm!

We have put our house on the market, and are planning to move down to South Carolina!

We want to move down where It Is cheaper so that we can get an RV!

We will also have some more home-schooling groups that we can join.

We will all be by family so that we can spend time with them.

We will miss being so close to things and we will miss our friends but I think it is what God

wants us to do.

So this should be fun!

One thought on “Big news! We are moving!

  1. We are super excited for you all to be here and we know leaving friends and activities you are used to will be difficult. But, following when God leads is such a joyous way to live!!! Looking forward to having a great big hug real soon!! Love you. G’ma

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